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When there’s a natural disaster or crisis somewhere in the world, thanks to the news and social media all eyes and resources focus on them for a short period until the next crisis grabs our attention. But you’ve probably wondered before as we do, what about the places that we heard about so much- is everything ok there now?
The Dominican Republic is home to many with food insecurity including displaced Haitians.  The question we’re always asking wherever we go is “What can we do to show tangible love and hope?”
Starting now, Love Does is coordinating with Global Samaritan Resources and the US & D.R. military to deliver 549,000 meals to be shipped to communities in the D.R. that are in tremendous need.
Megan, a friend from a collaborating organization called GoMad said, “I continue to be amazed at how the impossible can become a reality.”
The food will feed 60,000 children25,000 women, and 15,000 men. Each one of those numbers represents a kid, a sister, a mom, or an uncle who will have a tangible reminder of hope and encouragement- thanks to you.
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