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Dear Friends,

For the past several weeks, the entire world’s been watching the events unfolding in Afghanistan. We know you’ve been praying and care as much as we do. As you probably remember, several years ago we had the tremendous opportunity to build a school for kids in Afghanistan. The school has been an incredible bright spot both in our hearts and for families in Afghanistan.

We have been in constant communication with our staff and friends in Afghanistan these past few weeks, unfortunately, the school had to be temporarily closed for everyone’s safety. The situation there has remained dynamic but we continue to stand with our staff, the kids and their families.

The questions many of you have wrestled with are these: What can we do? How can we help? How would love respond?

In short, kids in Afghanistan need hope, and the school is a source of hope for them. So, our plan is to reopen the school. That means boys and girls (6th grade and under) can return and start learning again.

As we are sure you are aware, there are refugees from Afghanistan who are being resettled all across the country. Many of them are finding their way to San Diego, close to the headquarters of Love Does. Others will arrive in different cities. Our commitment is to welcome the needy with arms wide open. We are currently working with several agencies to support them in their transition as they resettle to a new country. If you’d like to be specifically involved in our work with our school in Afghanistan as well as the resettlement efforts here locally, click here.

Thank you for all that you do every day to love your neighbors both near and far away.

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