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We work with brilliant, talented and brave women and girls all over the world. For International Women’s Month, we want to highlight our newest program in the Dominican Republic.
Last week, alongside our partners at GoMad, we held the grand opening of our Love Does Women’s Resource Center in Sosúa, Dominican Republic.
The center is a much needed response to the many vulnerable Dominican and Haitian refugee women who are forced to work in the streets to provide for themselves and their families. Working with the local government, the center provides an opportunity for an alternate pathway through free English classes, job training, medical exams, mental and physical health resources, and other learning opportunities. We are working on, with your generosity, making it sustainable long term with a drive through coffee shop and/or motorcycle repair shop on the property which will also provide additional job opportunities.
The center is a place of encouragement, safety and hope for these courageous women. We can’t wait to watch it all unfold in the years to come.
What a reason to celebrate!