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When the Taliban took over Afghanistan in August of 2021, thousands of Afghans fled their homes. Many ended up in military bases as the first stop on their journeys.
The Love Does headquarters is located in San Diego, CA, and we quickly learned that approximately 1,500 refugees were heading our way beginning in October of last year.
We knew we wanted to help, so we met with a local resettlement agency who connected us to over 80 courageous families as they arrived. Luckily, we already had a Mobile Food Truck that made it easy to bring dozens of bags of groceries to these families each week.
Our weekly food drops often end with afternoon tea, hosted by a few of our generous new friends. They have experienced tremendous loss and moments of fear, but we continue to learn of their stories of bravery and resilience, love for their families, and hope for the future.
Last week, we wanted to make the food drop extra special, so we catered a traditional Afghan meal. And as always, we brought balloons.
If you’re interested in a practical way to help, many of these families are in need of diapers for their children. You can purchase these items on Amazon using this link: When you check out and are choosing a delivery address, make sure to choose “Love Does’ Gift Registry Address”.
Thank you for your generosity. We couldn’t do it without you!