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Some women who become pregnant in Somalia are unable to care for their babies. Not because they don’t want to, but because they often fear for their lives. Unwanted pregnancies, for various reasons, are extremely frowned upon in their culture. They risk violence from male relatives, or even being disowned from their families. Unfortunately, some mothers feel as though they have no choice but to leave their babies in the streets or at local hospitals.
With our partners at Elman Peace, we started the Love Does Baby Home to take care of these abandoned babies until we can find a more permanent solution. Case workers find the babies, nurse them back to health, and simply love them in a safe environment.
Most of the babies we first took into our care have now reached the age where they can go to school, so we are looking forward to enrolling them to begin their education. There are currently 16 babies in the home and we anticipate that number only continuing to grow.

“So that’s what you guys do. You take love, not as a concept, but a direction. And it always moves us towards people and those that are hurting the most.” – Bob Goff