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We know so many of you or your kids just started the school year. The first few weeks of school are always filled with anticipation, fun, and a healthy dose of those first day jitters. But we also know for a large number of students around the world, including many students in the US, school can come with added challenges, especially around the topic of lunch. Alongside our food program in San Diego that provides groceries to families facing food insecurity, we also partner with Lifeline to send boxed meals all over the world.

Just over the past year alone, we’ve been able to send over 500,000 meals to Somalia. These meals serve not only the students in our schools, but also some of the most vulnerable populations in highly remote places in the region.

Every dollar matters as we continue to support communities facing food insecurity both internationally and domestically. We’re so grateful for your generosity!


Keep loving people well.

-The Love Does Team