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As many of you know, in May, an active volcano near Goma erupted and spilled lava into the surrounding communities, leaving a wake of destruction. While the lava mostly moved away from densely populated areas, the lava poured into an area called Buhene destroying everything in its path, including a Love Does Primary and secondary school we built with our friends at Justice Rising and Lauren Daigle’s Foundation The Price Fund.
All 250 students and 8 faculty members were safe after the eruption, but were devastated that the school they took immense pride in was destroyed amidst an already difficult year. But despite the students having to learn in temporary tents this Fall, they achieved high academic results and attendance. New students even continued to enroll.
When asked why the students kept showing up, they mentioned the love they felt from the teachers and staff who, counter culturally, never used physical punishment.
That’s what love does. It gives students living in conflict zones a safe environment to learn character development, peace building skills, conflict resolution and leadership. It prioritizes girl’s education in a society that typically focuses on educating males. And it empowers local educators who are often the most impactful influence in the lives of these amazing kids.
We’re grateful for your incredible generosity in the weeks following the disaster for not only allowing us to start rebuilding, but our programs in Congo and in other parts of the world to keep flourishing no matter what.