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It’s hard to imagine, but according to UNICEF, there are more than 3 million children out of school in Somalia. A large majority of those children are girls.
There are a few factors, of course. Parents are discouraged from enrolling their children due to poverty, safety concerns, social norms favoring male education, a shortage of (particularly female) teachers, and a lack of sanitation facilities on school grounds. The infrastructure just isn’t there to support everyone.
That’s why we feel compelled to step in.
To give more Somali girls access to education, in partnership with Elman Peace, we are currently developing the Love Does Leadership Academy in Somalia. The girls will go through a program that will provide vital life skills and leadership training. Students will be carefully selected in order to prioritize the most underprivileged girls in the area; survivors of sexual and gender-based violence and orphans are among the applicants.
Scheduled to open in 2022, we are hopeful this school will inspire and empower the next generation of female leaders in Somalia.
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