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In the Love Does Girls Home in Nepal, we recently welcomed four elementary-aged girls. After a year and a half of online school, we are so grateful they are finally back in the classroom!
No kid has escaped the learning gaps because of the pandemic, but these gaps are even more prevalent for kids who have trauma and grew up without the proper environment to learn in, like the ones we work with. One of the girls in our home has had a particularly difficult time grasping even basic concepts in the classroom. She grew up in a village where there was no source of education. But over time, with the consistent help and encouragement from the staff, she’s improving tremendously in her learning and is so proud of herself.
There are so many more girls like her, and we hope to expand to a larger space to accommodate the girls and staff in 2022 and find a more effective way to aid transportation.
We will continue to show up and support these girls each month with food, school supplies, and clothing. When their basic needs are met, they have more room to dream about the future.
You can learn more about our work in Nepal here.