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Congo Volcano Update:

We are so grateful for the immense support that has come in for Congo after sharing the volcano eruption news.

Hundreds of thousands of people have evacuated and 20,000+ are estimated to be homeless. More than half a million people have lost access to safe water as the lava has destroyed one of the most important water supply sources. Since so many people are trying to evacuate, there is severe traffic which is furthering the shortage of food and water.

Due to your support and thanks to the Justice Rising team, hazard pay has been distributed to over 100 teachers and staff members. This has been immensely helpful for them to support their families and leave the area if they choose. Transportation has not only become difficult due to traffic but also extremely expensive so many families are unable to leave.

The Justice Rising team was able to open one of their other school locations to host 1,500 people who have nowhere to go. Your support contributed to providing clean water, sanitization facilities, and extra toilets. Food will be provided soon as well. Thank you for partnering with us.

We are monitoring this heartbreaking situation daily and will continue to provide support for emergency services as well as build a fund to potentially rebuild our school once we are able. If you’d like to support, click the link below.

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