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We are so grateful for the growing community of Love Does. As you know, our Safe House girls in Uganda have been through a lot to get where they are today. And on occasion, friends of Love Does reach out and offer to go above and beyond to create experiences for our girls they will surely remember for a lifetime.
Recently, they got to experience a weekend on safari, swimming at the hotel pool, and getting out of their normal rhythms of daily life because of the generosity and kindness of friends who travel annually to visit them.
“The delight the girls expressed over their new experiences was heartwarming” – Jeanne Fishback
This past week, the amazing team from There{4}Gathering, an organization dedicated to inspiring the next generation of high school girls, held a mini conference solely for the girls at our safe houses. They had a beautiful day of fun, dancing, music and intentional conversation. The team remarked at how kind, joyful, and confident the girls have become. We tend to think that’s the beauty of what love does.
We’re so grateful to the Love Does community for using their time, resources and talents to make a difference for the girls in our programs and all over the world.

Thanks for being part of it.

-The Love Does Team