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Our programs in Uganda include two safe houses with a total of 27 girls. Through our partnership with Cornerstone International, we ensure all the girls receive an education and enjoy living in a safe, clean, and loving environment guided by their aunties who are qualified social workers.
Some of the Love Does team visited this past summer and got to hear a few of the girls’ stories in person. They have all been through horrific experiences and are some of the bravest people we know.
Our Executive Director, Jody Luke, often says, “When you give a woman an opportunity, an education, a chance to better themselves, more often than not they will not only take it, but crush it! And then, they will look around and help the next girl, the next family and even her community.”
We’ve seen it happen. These girls are pursuing their education, seeking therapy, having fun with their friends in a safe community, and are free from the gender-based violence they previously experienced.
And they specifically wanted to thank you, the Love Does community, for all of the support.
– The Love Does Team
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