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We opened our doors for the After School Program in Israel on March 22nd, welcoming our first students and ended the year at capacity.  In a high conflict area, opportunities for supplemental education gives hope and peace in an otherwise restless and volatile environment. The program is already proving crucial for students’ overall academic performance and wellbeing. Feedback shows the kids are doing well and are experiencing a safe and loving atmosphere. The parents are thankful to have their children attend.  We are brainstorming ways to expand in the upcoming year so more students can be included.
Ramzi, a shy and smart boy, joined in May. Despite his shyness, he showed potential and improved in his performance each day. But more importantly, after two visits, his teachers noticed a difference in his behavior. After three weeks, Ramzi started getting better grades and his personality changed. His mother expressed gratitude for the impact Love Does had on his life, stating that he is now happier and more focused.
With summer underway, our amazing team in Israel is planning activities which aim to empower the kids in the program and promote fun. We are also very excited to establish a library to enhance children’s reading, comprehension, writing, and imagination skills.

Thanks for being love in action.
-The Love Does Team


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